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For those hunting with a Black Rhino bow, we recommend that you use a heavy Broadhead. Through experimentation we have found that shooting the M-58 with our 5/16 shafts and a 160grain broadhead the arrow flies true and is very lethal. The Ace Standard broadhead was designed in the 30's and now almost 70 years later remains unequaled in flight characteristics and penetration. These broadheads have been tested by shooting them into concrete with absolutely no damage to the heads.

Ace Standard Broadheads are available in 125,145,and 160 grain. Please specify which grain you need in the order comments field.

Only $27.00 (6 pack)!
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Ace Standard Broadhead (6pk) $27.00

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Using a Black Rhino M-58 fourteen year old Bryce Halbert took "first place" in the boys Longbow competition at the Traditional Archery Nationals in Cloverdale, Ind.

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