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Product Description:

In the past, these hollow point, carbon steel blunts have bagged many squirrels, rabbits and other small game. They are hard hitting and hard to lose in the grass or trees and are great for stump shooting! The good people at Ace Archery Tackle saw that these blunts would be perfect for the 1/4 and 5/16 arrows and responded to the need by adding these sizes to their line of fine products. We are happy to be able to offer them.

"Ace Hex Blunts 5/16 inch" diameter arrow offered in 125 grain.

"Ace Hex Blunts 1/4 inch" diameter arrow offered in 75 grain.

Starting at $9.00 (6 pack)!
Description: Price:  
Ace Hex Blunt 5/16" (6 pk) $11.00
Ace Hex Blunt 1/4" (6 pk) $9.00

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Using a Black Rhino M-58 fourteen year old Bryce Halbert took "first place" in the boys Longbow competition at the Traditional Archery Nationals in Cloverdale, Ind.

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